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Giant, skimming through the first two pages of comments I didn't see this addressed, so maybe it is just me. But my preference would be to have you focus on the main story.
It's not included as an option because there is only so much main story to write. Whether or not I work on any of these projects will not increase the amount of story there is to tell, and these will extend the overall OOTS experience between now and the day that it ends for good. I'm not going to pad the main story more or invent prequels for trivial minor characters; the number of prequels I still have planned is pretty much fixed in my mind, I just can't publish them until certain facts have been revealed in-comic so that they aren't massive spoilers for future events.

So, the choice isn't between "this stuff" and "more of the main strip," it's between "this stuff and the main strip" and "just the main strip." I appreciate the compliments, but part of good writing is knowing when not to drag a given plot out and beat it to death. I don't want OOTS to be the webcomic equivalent to a TV series that goes 11 seasons when it should have only gone 7.