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Thread: Dragon Tales and OOTS Game Status

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    confused Re: Dragon Tales and OOTS Game Status

    Quote Originally Posted by pendell View Post
    The only complaint I would have is that I placed the order as an order, not a pre-order, in early July and did not receive it until August.
    I pre-ordered.
    I haven't received it yet.

    Anything else I have to in response would probably be scrubbed.

    Note that this isn't a reflection on apegamer; I understand things from their point of view. I work on code for shipping systems; I can perfectly accept that it spits them out in a sequence that has nothing to do with the original orders. I'm just trying to figure out where you are coming from that only having a month delay is something to generate criticism, when it's clear from the main page that anything before Aug. 3 is considered a pre-order.
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