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I did not pre-order. I ordered it the same day the Giant shifted over from pre-order to order.

When I order from Amazon or any of their authorized resellers I receive a shipping notification within 24 hours and the product itself, if priority mail, within 72.

That is the bar set by ApeGamer's competitors. While I am willing to cut them slack for not being Amazon, I'm sure ApeGamer and Oookodook need no encouragement to try to provide service satisfaction that meets or exceeds that of their competition. They can't, at present. But it's certainly a goal worth striving for. I wish them success in that endeavor.


Brian P.
Normally everything from Ookodook is as fast as you are describing Amazon. The Giant's and Ookodook's mistake, if they made one, was allowing regular orders immediately once pre-ordering was done. Because they did that, anyone who regular ordered before all the pre-orders shipped had to wait much longer than normal. The alternative, since they couldn't keep taking pre-orders once shipping had started, would be to have a window of time where no one was allowed to order. I'm not sure how that would have been preferable. I see where you are coming from, but there is nothing Ookoodook could have done about it.