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    Here's another character of mine that might show up later. I seem to have a tendency to make protagonistic female characters - in fact, you could say I'm a heroine addict.

    Liata Terise

    Gender: Female.

    Race: Hobbit/Halfling/Whatever-You-Want-To-Call-Those-Little-People.

    Age: 35 (Human equivalent: 19).

    Alignment: Unknown; attempts to be Lawful Good.

    Class: Paladin/Rogue.

    Power Rating: D+ or 3.

    Description: Liata is a small, dark woman with braided black hair and sharp silver eyes. She normally wears dark leather and a black cloak.

    Personality: Liata is stern and cynical on the outside, but underneath that she's honourable and well-meaning. She struggles between being the benevolent person she wants to be and the harsh person her past made her into. She also has a bit of a prejudice against dragons.

    Equipment: Liata usually carries little aside from her sabre and her thieving toolkit.

    Abilities: Stealth- and thieving-related skills, along with minimal healing magic.

    Backstory: Liata's family consisted of the descendants of a legendary figure known as Terise the Shield, who once protected their homeland. All of the Terise family followed in her footsteps, being healers or defenders of the land, and Liata intended to continue family tradition.

    However, things changed when a group of evil dragons began to see the Terise family as a threat to their power, and conspired to annihilate them. When the dragons attacked, only Liata escaped alive, and she was young, untrained, and without allies.

    Thus, as she grew up, she took a darker path from her ancestors and became a vagabond. She lived by her wits and her blade, and was frequently forced to struggle and commit acts she considered reprehensible just to survive. This gradually shaped her into the bitter person she is today.

    Miscellaneous: Liata's magical aura, when visible, has a silver colour.
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