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When I order from Amazon or any of their authorized resellers I receive a shipping notification within 24 hours and the product itself, if priority mail, within 72.

That is the bar set by ApeGamer's competitors.
With all due respect, we are not competing with Amazon. "Competition" implies that you are getting the same or similar product from both sources. This book cannot be purchased through Amazon, however, so how fast they ship their products doesn't really matter.

The fact that Amazon can do what it does is the result of millions (billions?) of dollars of infrastructure. I guarantee you that Ookoodook will never, EVER be as fast as Amazon. I guarantee that we aren't even trying to be.

There are a ton of mistakes and slip-ups and delays on this product, but one of the few things I refuse to apologize for is Ookoodook trying to get all the pre-orders out the door before the non-pre-orders. Especially since I specifically announced that no orders would go out until pre-orders had shipped, and two weeks later, I announced that pre-orders still had not finished. If you wanted immediate turnaround, you should have waited until I announced that every single pre-order book had shipped. But since we never promised immediate turnaround (and in fact promised the exact opposite), I'm not going to apologize for the service you got.