Name: Lausel Krasser
Alias: The Isolator, The Shield
Race: Nekocarde (A strange and rather barbaric offshoot from normal catpeople)
Gender: F
Power Level: B- or so
Age: 19
Class/Profession: Exile (a Nekocarde occult/theological term), something good with shields.

Description: Lausel is a Nekocarde, about 5'7" tall. Her hair (and the fur on her ears and tail) is dark brown streaked with red, and her eyes are maroon. Her skin had been tannish, but that's been fading since she's rarely been exposed to sunlight for a while. Her skin is tattooed in blood-red; a θ is placed at:
her navel, the back and palm of each hand, the back of the neck, the sole and top of each foot, the inside and outside of each elbow and knee, in the cleft of her bosom, at her lower back, and on each shoulder and hip.

These theta symbols are each about the size of an American quarter coin. Her other tattoos are a vertical line down each eyelid, something resembling a under each eye, and a wavy line running along each limb.

Her hair is about shoulderblade-length. Her ears have many piercings and a few nicks taken out of them; her tail has a few metal and bone rings on it. She is lithe and sleekly muscular, but hasn't been eating enough and thus looks a bit underfed. Her top left incisor is a metal replacement.

Clothing: First there's the armor. Metal plates attached to leather and canvas, they come as a sort of pair of armored chaps, heavy boots, a kilted belt, an armored vest, and armored whole-arm gloves. There's also the helmet ( Under this she's only got what's basically underwear. The armor has pieces that lock into her Frame.

Her normal clothes are a pair of rugged pants, the kilted belt from her armor, boots, a dull leather top, and a canvas jacket.

Abilities: Lausel is strong and agile, wielding her katar-shield well. Her senses are pretty sharp as well.
She can cast some magic, though not a whole lot.

Equipment: She has a katar-shield, a sort of oval-shaped shield about 3 feet long that is worn on the forearm. A retractable blade is housed in the end closest to the hand, and a retractable spike in the end closest to the elbow. This weapon can block, bludgeon, slash, and pierce (usually only one at a time). It can turn into a bracelet worn by Lausel.
The Frame is a square-shaped metal frame into which the wrists and ankles of her armorset can be locked; at its bottom is a set of mechanical spidery legs.