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    Quote Originally Posted by McDougal View Post
    We still don't know what type of dagger it is she keeps in her spellbook. That might be it.
    I mentioned it in an earlier comic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swiftmongoose View Post
    Because Serrin dumped wisdom and Radic has at least an 18?
    Bingo. Radic's got good intelligence, decent charisma, and excellent wisdom. Serrin's got excellent intelligence and good charisma, but her wisdom score is the second-lowest of all the members of Team Gale. This act is what I would expect of someone with high intelligence but low wisdom. Radic almost immediately sees how dangerous this spell can be in the wrong hands. Serrin will never understand until it's shoved into her face. Fir's holding the Bad Judgment Ball because she's still Serrin's familiar, and so she kinda got caught up in the excitement. Dax has a short temper and he felt Radic was insulting him and his life's work.

    I was thinking more "I want to show someone this new spell I made after lots of hard work!" to "I worked really hard on this and I'm using that fact as a crutch! I'm turning a blind eye to the potential and likely consequences!"
    That's definitely part of the reason.

    Also, why Serrin's so scared of Disjunction: One of her ancestors invented the spell, and one of her ancestors was de-magicked by a backfiring Disjunction. He committed suicide a few months later. In Aequar, elves are mildly magical creatures by nature. For any spellcaster to permanently lose their magical abilities is horrible enough, but for an elf it's a fate worse than death (and for an extremely magical creature like a dragon...). How many of you read that passage in Lords and Ladies about the elf getting hit by the iron?
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