Race/Species:Iron Golem
Age:It doesn't know.
Alignment:N (It protects humanoid creatures)
Power Level:21/A-
Description:If Golem were to stand still it would look like a piece of iron art, it is so masterfully crafted. It stands 9' tall and when it moves there is no sound of scraping or grating metal like most iron golems but instead just a gentle whirring of gears and cogs. It has a pair of large blades on its forearms that are only barely visible when it is not in combat mode, but when in combat mode they extend out and catch fire. It looks like a truly tall human male with a long iron beard and moustache on its face. It speaks with a very gravely voice so it speaks in gray.

Personality:Being a Golem, Golem has no personality and only has two emotions, calm (normal) and anger (when in guard mode). It does have a few quirks however. It does "enjoy" juggling and is actually quite good at it and can juggle 8 balls at a time. (If it looks at the locket, a new emotion appears...sadness, it is sad that it did not protect its...friend.)

Equipment:A broken locket.(inside is a picture of Golem's dead master. A little girl that it was suppossed to protect...but she is gone.)

Abilities:Golem is as strong as an elephant and as strong as two when in guard mode. It is very quick thinking but only attacks another if it senses harm is coming to itself or to a humanoid around it.

Golem was a project that the Great Amir of Alavia commissioned to protect his daughter from any threat. The project took 7 months to complete but after those 7 months the Golem stepped into the throne room and greeted its new assignment, Princess Hamia. For 10 years the Golem guarded the girl until on her 18th birthday and her wedding day disaster struck. The Great Amir was a ambitious man and his ambition worried the Kingdoms to the south. They decided to take preemptive action and decided to attack. They attacked on Hamia's wedding day so as to maximise the surprise of the attack. They quickly overcame the lowered guard numbers and swept into the city. At the gates to the High Chapel it was Golem who held the doors against wave after wave of attackers, scything down enemy soldiers as if they were not but wheat before the scythe. As another wave was attacking, a cannon was wheeled and pointed toward the smashed doors of the Chapel. The cannoneers took aim and fired an explosive shell. It sailed past the Golem to impact where the Princess, and her family were hiding. It exploded, killing Hamia and her family. Golem flew into its elemental beserk rage and single handedly sent the enemy army to flight. The night before Hamia had given it a locket. She called it her "only true friend" and kissed it on its iron cheek. The locket was damaged during the battle but its chain has held it on its neck since that day. It wandered the deserts, away from its slaughtered city until one day it found a glowing portal. This my friends, is where we pick the story of Golem the Protector up.