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[Agent 09's Laboratory]

Vincent stood in front of an immense, circular machine, looking rather like a giant bubble wand due to the shimmering light flowing around the inside of the circle. He walked around the machine, checking a few dials, reading some meters, and writing indecipherable notes on a clipboard. After a few inscrutable tests, he stretched out his arm, his hand passing through the middle of the circle.

It didn't come out the other side.

Instead, Vincent's hand simply vanished into the light, becoming nonexistent from the elbow down. In this realm, at least. After a few seconds, he pulled his hand back, but with something in it. At first glance, it seemed to just be sand that fell from his outstretched fingers onto the silver-tinted floor beneath him as the light in the circle faded, the machine powering down. But Vincent knew that it was different. This wasn't sand at all; it was pure reiryoku, condensed and solidified into physical form. It was the building block of an entire realm, the starting point of entire species.

It was the sand of Hueco Mundo.

And it proved that his machine worked.
Josiah walked into the lab just as the portal turned on. He waited in the doorway until Vincent was holding the sand in his hand. Slowly a smile crossed his face.

"Excellent! Looks like your project is a smashing success!"