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I totally dig the female vocalist-songwriter types, always open to new suggestions, but these are the ones that always do it for me.

Alanis Morissette
Tori Amos
Princess Superstar
Ani Difranco

Okay, Princess Superstar is a little different... but it feels like it fits to me.

Someone explain why I love this type of music.
No idea. You're probably just a weirdo.

Neko Case
Ingrid Michaelson
Tracy Chapman


The next album I'm really excited for is Animals as Leaders's Weightless, which I think is coming out in November. One of the song's in online, and it sounds very cool. Their bandleader put up two videos on his YouTube channel for the first time in years about a month ago:

Tosin Abasi and Kelela Mizanekristos
Tosin Abasi plays "sketch" 7 string guitar