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To be honest I am a bit tired of the Elves are more in tune with arcane magic trope/cliché/whatever; but I understand where you are coming from, and if someone you knew and probably cared a lot for committed suicide due a spell such as Disjunction I too would be scared.

Still I prefer Eberron orc and Elfs (see the spoiler to see why)

Hmm now I am interested on how the Aequar population would react to the plaavan in Eberron, Orcs are druids, Goblinoid had the biggest empire seen on the continent and have a somewhat united empire, drows being tribal hunters in the jungle...hell Eberron has a country populated and ruled by monsters (I remember a mindflayer being the mayor of a town).
Oh, believe me when I say that the elves have some serious skeletons in their closet. You won't know what they are until later (like, sequel later), but they are pretty bad.

Serrin didn't know him, but that's the kind of thing that the whole family knows about.

If the Plavaan knew about Eberron, they would probably want to Plane Shift there en masse.