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    [Abel Manor]

    After some time, but slightly less than an hour, the sound of water running through the house ceases.

    ...However, it takes even more for Valeria to surface again. One could almost worry after another twenty minutes come and go.

    But, then, Val appears. And all is revealed. Apparently it was laundry day in the Abel house. This meant that currently, all of Valeria's clothes are dirty or in the wash. She spent a lot of her after-shower time looking through the laundry room in a flustered panic.

    All she could conjure from the room was one of her fathers' unused dress shirts over her underwear. And the reddest face one could ever imagine seeing on a person.

    She has a seat on the couch with a wide berth from Sora, huddling her legs together and generally trying to make as little a profile as possible despite the circumstances.

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