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    [Fusichou High School]

    Mayumi continued teaching her last class of the day, half of her attention still on the various reiatsu signatures that indicated the children. Had she made the right choice, letting them go on their own? Surely she could have done something to help them, like asking another Quincy to follow them. Hasunaga-san had been rather hell-bent on them going, but that man seemed...unbalanced, to say the least. He had the distinct impression of a warrior, and warriors were rarely known for logical thought processes in such situations.

    When the large Hollow reiatsu appeared, Mayumi's eyes widened and she paused briefly in the middle of a lecture about cell reproduction. When the students gave her odd looks (Very little could actually surprise Yamashiro-sensei, for some reason), she waved her hand and reassured them that she had simply remembered something suddenly about her family. She then continued her lecture as if nothing had happened.

    She hoped to see the children in her office soon. She was going out of her mind with worry.
    [Fushichou Town High School]
    Mayumi's Office

    Soon after classes are finished for the day, Mayumi is, in fact, approached by one of the students. Only one, but what are you going to do? The student, in this case, is a slightly dirty, sweaty, and obviously half-blind Nakahiro. He feels his way up to the door, and opens it quietly, poking his head into the room. Despite his disheveled state, he still has most of the relaxed dignity for which he is known.

    "Am I in the right place?"

    He squints at her.
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