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    Quote Originally Posted by tgva8889 View Post
    "Maybe it'd be best if we stayed that way." Kina smiles at him, then turns and walks back to Sayaka and her father.

    She bows once again. "Thank you, Kondo-sama, but I must be going. My, um, my aunt will be expecting me home. She... she, uh, may be a bit hysterical right now."
    Sayaka and Haruaki

    Sayaka's father smiles.
    "You are welcome. Please come anytime."
    Sayaka looks anxiously at Kina's hands.
    "Are you certain you are ok?" She asked again.

    Quote Originally Posted by nothingclever View Post
    "When I said spirits I meant the supernatural in general. Anyway, are you saying you'd actually eat her if she bullied either of us?" Ren asked incredulously.
    [With Ren]

    "Of course." Kazari answered with satisfaction guaranteed.
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