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    Default Re: In the Beginning Was the Word, and the Word Was Suck: A Guide to Truenamers

    Part shameless plug, part gratitude for your previous guide/journal, here is Sortes, a Truenamer that just took gold in round XXIII of the Iron Chef Optimization contest.

    Knowledge Domain and Oracle Domain can help you with learning personal truenames (not to mention your ranking within the Paragnostic Assembly), and the 9th-level spell of the Destiny Domain allows you to reroll every Truespeak check for the duration of the spell.

    While other fast-progression casters may be more powerful, the Divine Crusader fits nicely with the flavor of a truenamer's devotion to Truenaming and magic. Also, the capstone ability gives you the outsider type, so you can polymorph into a logokron devil for a +10 racial bonus to Truespeak checks that stacks with everything else.

    EDIT: Can the Analyze Item/trap trick be used in conjunction with Spell Rebirth as a readied action? Round 1, you analyze the whatever and see that it's trapped. Round 2, you ready an action to utter Spell Rebirth as your fearless friend activates the trap. You utter, and it automatically dispels the spell "affecting" them before the bad stuff actually even happens. Could it work?
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