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    Quote Originally Posted by HalfTangible View Post
    Yes, but a Plavaan wouldn't have gotten it that far without someone non-plavaan (ie, Serrin and Radic) confirming he made it. Which was the point.
    I didn't mean he should have only shown it to other Plavaans, obviously Serrin and Radic had to see it for the story to work! I was just saying picking up a stranger from the street probably isn't the way someone would act in that situation, even if they were excited. And if it'd been explained a different way (such as in an academic showing, where the ingredients could be shown in-comic rather than explained in-forum-post), it'd be more obvious what Fir did later.

    And it can't have been THAT obvious if someone had to ask. And also I didn't really get it. And neither did the person above this post.
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