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    Future Projects
    Dual Progression PrCs for some of my favorite classes
    {table=head]Base Class 1|Base Class 2|Possible name ideas
    Blood King by Welknair|Harrowed by Lord Gareth|Sanguine Slayer, Blood Beast, Unholy Inheritor
    Harrowed by Lord Gareth|Evolutionist by Draken|Demon-Eye Sovereign, Deformationist[/table]

    Current projects

    Prestige Classes:
    Wind Chaser, for my Stormblade, and Grod_the_giant's Speedster.

    Base Classes
    Stormblade, introducing Barrage Damage!

    Dire Mudblood race, an expansion on Welknair's Mudblood bloodline. Now with a Paragon class and racial feats.
    Gearkin bloodline, be the great-grandson of a warforged!
    Beast Shape Construct template; Who said a golem had to look like a man?!

    Past Projects
    Monsters/Monster Classes
    I've contributed a little to 100+ True Dragons, by Zaydos.

    Inside Out
    The Simulation

    Broken/outdated/dead Projects (Either need reworking, or are too old to reboot)
    Prestige Classes:
    7/5 casting, first attempt for below 6/5 classes
    6/5 casting, second attempt
    6/5 Casting, third attempt
    Really dumb PrC for someone else's class
    Divine Seeker, a spontaneous divine PrC

    Reveng feats: Boy was I a Newb then.

    Insanely broken Ranged enhancments
    Long Claws I had a set of keys on a lanyard... statted them up.
    Exotic Explosives

    [SMBG, frequent player] Give a Power Ring to TPAY

    My favorite ciphers
    Progressive Shift
    Ujlw Ju B Tkptqk Dqgi.

    Base 36
    778477 1019108 999768866668 1375732 591458.

    Countdown to Zombie Apocalypse 96
    When you see this, copy it into your sig and -1

    Quote Originally Posted by AMFV View Post
    Winning on the internet is not really all that important.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lateral View Post
    No, no, no. This is how you pump feats.

    Wild Elf Feat Rogue 2/ Fighter 2/ Psychic Warrior 2/ Generic Warrior 2/ Generic Expert 2/ Martial Wizard 1/ Psion 1/ Generic Spellcaster 1/ Cloistered Cleric 1 (with all 3 domains swapped for Devotion feats)/ Monk 2/ Bear Totem Barbarian 3/ Soulknife 1. Make sure you do the Dark Chaos Shuffle.
    This gets 27 bonus feats (Including the generic warrior's proficiencies + Wild elf

    Where I have put (some) of my phylacteries
    As a Demilich, I have used Aumvor's Fragmented Phylactery a few billion times, here is where I have put some of my phylacteries:

    -a few thousand are gears and armor plates in various constructs, mostly steel golems with enough templates to make them gargantuan.
    -a couple hundred bones belonging to as many other liches have been enchanted as my phylacteries.
    -I have a few dozen in the Grand Inter-Planar Phylactery Bank (A place where liches leave their phylacteries for protection by other liches, in return for devoting some time and resources every once and a while to defending everyone else's).
    -I've fireproofed some boxes and put them in the center of the sun, with phylacteries inside.
    -I've handed out a few thousand as unholy symbols for evil clerics.
    -I refuse to reveal the locations of the some billion other phylacteries.

    Please note my avatar (By smuchmuch, TY). I have not done this in a real game, no sane DM would allow repeated castings of that spell, except on a BBEG. This is me as I'd like to be IRL.

    Apparently I've been made into a God. Or, we're trying
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    Demilich avatar by Smuchmuch. Thank you VERY much!

    Extended Signature
    Awright, Supagoof, that's just awesome. Thanks!

    Infernal avatar by Savana. Thanks!

    Nude version by SmuchMuch.