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And so it begins.

This is not a thing that you can do. I don't know where you got this, but it's not RAW.

Again, you can't cast spells with Truespeak. If you could, it would be broken in the other direction.

This isn't how See the Named works, and even if it was, it wouldn't work like this. It's like a Scrying spell, not "radar."

He didn't mention this because it isn't true. They need line of sight, they need to be within range, and they can't Speak in an Antimagic Field.

This statement makes me think that you have regeneration overcome by fire and acid, if you get what I mean. I don't know where you're getting the rules for Truespeak in your game, but it isn't the Tome of Magic.

And I'll disagree with you all and out here.

No where in the section on truenaming or the truenamer class does it say you Can't learn the truename of a spell. It does say that "Truenames encompass reality in it's entirety" and that includes spells. All things have a truename which can be used to command that thing or enact it. This is a fact of how the truenamer and truespeech functions.

So regardless of how much you may state it as false, it is absolutely true that a truenamer can learn and utilize spells via their truename. You're correct there is no RAW in the book that covers this because it is up to the DM to come up with true names and the truenamer class and the ability to use truenames is very liquid compared to most classes.

They even state in the section on utterances and lexicons that the lexicons are limited as written and it's more or less up to the players and DM to expand upon them.

Truename research applies to ALL things, period. All objects, all spells, all people, all creatures, all materials, places, etc. You use truename research to uncover the truenames of something. This again includes spells.

See the Named works in one of two ways depending on how you read it. Because it does state it "works as the scrying spell" but without the need of a focus, then in the case of scrying on a specific spell it'd act more like detect magic but for that specific spell.

While discovering the personal truename is relegated in explanation to living creature as explained on 197, and as per described in the Truename Research section on the previous page, the rules for discovering the truename of a spell work just the same (as is the case for any object).

Now, you may interpret the rules and the reading on truenames as limited (as you have) but it doesn't mean that the RAW doesn't include spells, as it most certainly does by the very wording of the section's introduction and general functionality of truespeech.