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You know what, you're right. Truenamers are great when you completely ignore the rules and make them up as you go.

I'm not going any deeper in to this particular conversation. My guide is about how Truenamers actually work, not about how we want them to work.
To swing us back onto topic, I have a few ideas for some example builds for the thus-far unused post:

1. The 'ideal' Truenamer; and Illumian member of the Paragnostic Assembly with an Item Familiar, and the 'optimal' selection of utterances.
2. A "solid" Truenamer gish, busting out the Knowledge Devotion and... other things. Slightly less optimized for pure Truespeak, perhaps.
3. A Truenamer who can do more than Truename; a Raptoran Dragonborn with Soulmelds or somesuch thing.
4. A good gestalt build, or several. We could even bust out a Shadowcaster Truenamer, which would be awesome.