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    "Not at all. I just have a little more to say. I promise I won't say any more stupid things to other girls, I'll act nicer to Kaito, apologize to him for always being at odds with him and I'll try to be his friend and I'll act and be more caring in general. I'm sorry about that time when I goofed around with Sayaka to the point that you became so uncomfortable you decided to leave early. I also apologize for not seeming to care enough when you were trying to fight the mind control of the hollow that attacked her. I didn't rush you straight to the shrine since I thought you might be able to quickly overcome it the way I did if I helped. I was very inconsiderate. Thanks for listening to me. I'm sorry for keeping you. I'll leave you alone now." Ken bows to emphasize his seriousness and runs back up the steps.
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