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Vincent doesn't turn to look at Josiah, but a smile crosses his face when Josiah proclaims his success. He takes the sand and places it on a nearby table, separating it and beginning to study it.

"It is a success, at least so far. I am afraid that, despite the size of the portal, I am still limited to transportation of relatively small objects, but I should be able to transport small mammals and other complex organisms by tomorrow. For the time being, it still has rather...distressing side effects." He held up the arm he had put through the portal, and odd blue lines snaked their way up his fingers down to his wrists, though they seemed to be receding already.

"I don't know what it is, but my Quincy powers seem to be keeping it at bay. I imagine that the reiatsu that blankets the area of Hueco Mundo is harmful to ordinary humans, but usual methods of spiritual transportation - Senkaimon, Garganta and the like - acclimate the body to the change in ambient spiritual pressure. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to get that particular feature into my machine. My Quincy powers allow me to reabsorb the reishi here fast enough to return my body to a normal state, but we wouldn't be able to survive there at this rate. But I am much closer to a true success, yes."
Josiah moved closer, a light frown on his face as he studied Vincent's hand. He gave a slight nod after a moment.

"Still. It's much more of a success than previous attempts. But yes, I'd imagine Senkaimon especially have some sort of "auto-compensator" built in. Garganta, maybe a bit less so."

He tapped his chin in though, eyeballing the current portal setup.

"Can you send and receive radio signals through this? I could always rig up some sort of recon drone or the like, and send it through."