Dave Smith
Alias: Ninja Doctor
Age: 28
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Profession: Medical Advisor
Power Rating: B-
Description: He always wears a ninja mask and a gi. He has tanned skin and brown eyes. He has cropped brown hair and a cute little goatee. His hair can turn into tentacles though.
Personality: To be developed IC
Equipment: A large collection of katanas, shurikans, and other ninja gear.
Ablities: He's a ninja, 'nuff said.
Back Story: Dave grew up like a normal kid born into a ninja family. Constantly fighting for his life in training exercises, being locked into a room with an orangoutang covered in blades, etc.....
He had to kill his mother when he was 13. This made him want to become a doctor so he could cure people with her disease that caused her to go insane. He once tried to kill Jane Dorloris, but things changed.