Alene Zero
Alias: Cloned Nympho
Age: 19
Race: Human(among other things)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Profession: Plastic Surgeon
Power Rating: D-
Description:*A slightly tall woman, she has waist length Power Ranger Red hair and a cat tail with red fur. Two red furred cat ears are on her head. The skin on her hips are a crimson red. She has green eyes.
Personality: To be developed IC
Equipment: Nothing much but clothes
Ablities: Nothing but she's an accomplished Plastic Surgeon.
Back Story:*When Elena was 2, Umbrella was afraid that they would lose their progress. So they cloned her 9 times, each clone was flawed though. They had to stop splicing parts onto Elena, but they continued on the clones. Alene was made to be a great plastic surgeon, but her flaw is that she strips people in her sleep.