Elena Zero
Alias: Catgirl Scientist
Age: 22
Race: Human but with different parts splice onto her
Alignment: Lawful Good
Profession: Biologist/Caretaker
Power Rating: D-
Description: A slightly tall woman, she has waist length blond hair and a cat tail with blonde fur. The skin on her hips are a crimson red. She has green eyes.
Personality: To be developed IC
Equipment: Nothing more then a watch and clothes.*
Ablities: Nothing really but she's a Dermatologist and a Biologist.
Back Story: Elena was born to Jane Dorloris. Jane immediately had her used to make her their first successful body part splice project. Elena doesn't know who her mother or father is, or that she's set up to be the heir of Umbrella when Jane dies. Elena has spent most of her life at Umbrella. She does in fact have a sinfully perfect butt, as it is from a Lust Devil.*