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    Jimmy Jillhorn
    Alias: The Boston Basher
    Age: 20
    Race: Human/Vampire
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Profession: Mercenary
    Power Rating: B

    Personality: To be shown IC.
    Equipment: Many copies of the outfit he wears in his description picture. Multiple baseball bats and Scatterguns. He also has a couple cases of Bonk! Atomic Energy Drink.
    Ablities: He can run quite fast, a little over 75 MPH. He's also rather adept at bashing people with baseball bats and shooting with his Scattergun.
    Back Story: Jimmy was a normal kid living in Jersey. He did his homework, went to school, and was a rather likable kid. Then, one day, he signed up for the sport of baseball for his school. He rather liked the sound of a baseball hitting his bat and was quite good at baseball. Later he found he wasn't satisfied with just baseballs. He went to Boston and started a string of murders, gaining the name: The Boston Basher. He later signed up with RED, loving the clink of breaking someone's skull with his bat without being persecuted for it.
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