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    Cecelia Darshan

    Alias: Blind Monk that sees all
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 24
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class/Profession: Monk/Diviner
    Power Rating: Range: E to A+ Average:B-
    Description: A fairly average looking female that stands at about 5'6" with a slim build. At a distance could probably be mistaken for a boy with her short hair cut. From the looks of it her hair was completely shaved off and it's been a year since it was last cut. She is usually seen wearing some sort of white martial arts uniform along with a large white blindfold across her face with words written in a red ink.
    Personality: Devote to the ideas of justice and to a lesser extent peace. Beliefs that force is sometimes necessary to bring about such ideals. Is somewhat soft spoken and usually cautious when entering new situations but is quick to act.
    Equipment: Two short swords
    Abilities: A sixth sense granted to her by the all seeing god of sight Ziroku. Has the ability to 'see' things with her six sense but things such as fine detail, color, and what not are lost. Cecelia also has the ability to see into the very near future for a short period of time, about one to two seconds for about a minute at most. This however leaves her completely drained and blind for a while.
    Backstory: Was abounded at birth to a monastery of Ziroku, the all seeing god of sight, judgment, peace and games. Was raised as one of the monks there but eventually left when she felt that the ideas of the monastery and her own clashed too much. When Cecelia left to see the world there was no bad blood between her and her teachers or peers, in fact they gave her enough money to survive for a few months on her own when she did. For the past year she has been travelling around and seeing what the world has to offer.
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