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    Colonel Anitra Mindel
    "You really think those aliens aren‘t going to stab you in the back?"

    Alias: Heroine of the First Alien War
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 37
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class/Profession: X-COM Soldier
    Power Rating: C

    Description: Anitra is 5’7’’, and a lean 168 lb. She has blonde hair, cropped fairly short. Her build is somewhat muscular, but she’s still quite attractive. Her eyes are emerald green, and she has a gaunt face.

    Although she can be found in casual clothing, Anitra is usually found in her suit of Personal Armor. The armor consists of blue-toned plates built into a combat uniform. The plates are flexible and made to allow movement.

    Personality: A combat veteran in just about every way. Anitra exudes an aura of command, probably one of the reasons that she made it to the rank of Colonel. She has weight to her words, and people usually listen to what she says.

    The soldier does have a soft side, though. Among friends, she loosens up a little, and is a bit more friendly. Bottom line, though, she believes in always being prepared for attack, and is a little paranoid.

    Anitra hates aliens, especially of the species that she’s fought. Her interpretation of alien, though, is basically non-human. It’s not necessarily prejudice as much as mistrust, though. She’s not going to parade about humanity’s superiority, but she also isn’t going to willingly talk to an troll. If she sees an alien of the war, though, she exercises a kill-on-sight policy.


    -A suit of Personal Armor.
    -A laser rifle that never needs to be reloaded.
    -A stun bomb launcher.
    -A Medi-Kit, capable of healing wounds, and applying stimulants and painkillers.
    -A motion scanner worked into a visor.

    Abilities: As ex-Delta Force and current X-COM, Anitra is a paramount soldier, which physical abilities that put just about anyone normal to shame. She easily breaks the four-minute mile limit, and can run a marathon is two hours. She also very-well trained in all firearms, though her favorite is her laser rifle. Anitra can also be a capable medic and scout.

    Thanks to the Psionic Laboratories at X-COM, she is also resistant to all forms of psionics, though not by any means invincible to them.

    Backstory: A member of the Extra-Terrestrial Combat Unit, Anitra fought in a long and bloody war between humanity and aliens. She’s the only soldier to have survived from First Contact all the way to the Battle of Cydonia, and is a worldwide heroine as a result. During the course of the war, her actions took her far up the chain of command, eventually landing her with her own unit and Skyranger ship.

    Her most recent mission, believed to be a scouting run, took her to a new piece of alien technology. Upon activating it, however, she was taken to the Nexus. Her unit believes her to be KIA.

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