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    Default Re: My Little Pony: Avatar is Magic (also Adopt-a-Pony)

    Right then, Dirtytabs, I make a request of you! I am interested in seeing a ponified space marine.

    Gender: Male
    Type: Unicorn. Instead of a normal horn, it is a swordblade with a crackling energy field.
    Coat color: A decent ponyish color I guess.
    Mane color and style: Grey, cropped short.
    Eye color: Green
    Cutie mark: The Prime Helix.
    Pose: Drinking out of a mug.
    Expressions: Something fitting for the pose.
    Accessories or costumes: Power armor! Seen this floating about the internet, gives a decent idea of what I'm after. No helmet, because real space marines don't wear helmets, also if he has it on there's no point in specifying half of the details, and he wouldn't be able to drink out of his mug. There's a pretty spiffy horizontal scar across one of his eyes, which is clearly a cybernetic replacement. Further specifics: The bulk of the armor should follow this guy's color scheme (that is to say, black, aside from a silvery rear flank pad), aside from one of the front 'shoulder' pads, which is instead the blood raven chapter icon. He should also have a Reductor (the bit on this guy's right wrist). As mentioned in the pose, there is also a mug. No specifics on what is on the mug aside from the fact that it should not match his chapter icon in any way.
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