Shultz Wissenschaft

Gender: Male
Race/Species: human
Age: 14
Alignment: Hard to tell. Is largely self serving, but wants to be the good guy like every other kid his age and want to use his science for good. Lawful neutral-Good
Class/Profession: Budding scientist
Power Rating: E
Description: Tall for his age, skinny, with slick black hair. Is usually dressed up in a well groomed suit. Large brown eyes, several acid burn marks on the left side of his neck and face and his left arm. His nose small, and has obviously been broken and didn't heal properly. His scars make him rather ugly.
Personality: Narcissistic, hateful of most of those around him, hates being touched, despises his fathers, doesn't feel comfortable in crowds, dislikes talking about anything not on subject unless he learns something useful. Wants badly to outdo his fathers. Very self conscious, and worried that he has a mental disorder. Whether he does or not is hard to tell.
Equipment: Several changes of clothes and a lab tool kit.
Abilities: Nothing supernatural, he's just very intelligent, having been taught even whilst forming in the test tube he was made in.
Backstory:Two rich scientists extracted their DNA and chose the more desirable traits (in their eyes) to make a clone son. He was raised by his robot nursemaid, Ms. Bee. When he was ten, there was an incident involving his fathers and a rival scientist he refuses to talk about. Since the recent disappearance of one of his fathers, he has been sent to PACK for protection.

Ms. Bee

Gender: Female
Species: Construct
Age: 15, programmed to be in late twenties.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class/Profession: Teacher/Nursemaid
Power Rating: C
Description: Very tall and slender, made from a strange black material that's harder than flesh but softer than metal, almost like a tough tempur-pedic mattress. Three of her limbs have been replaced with metal limbs. One of her eyes is black, and the other yellow, and she has a bumblebee painted on her shoulder. She has long, golden blonde hair, and usually wears a black, red, and white dress of some sort.
Personality: Very kind and softspoken, admonishes people when the need arises. Amazingly protective of children, especially Schultz. She's still learning how to operate as a human, as her programming was just recently updated to allow sapiency.
Equipment: Several weapons are stored in her chassis, as well as a one use emergency teleporter that can drain her power to break through anti-teleport barriers to allow Schultz to escape, and an area shield generator.
Abilities: As stated above.
Background: Created to teach and protect Schultz.