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    Daske Greisham

    Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 28
    Alignment: Neutral Good or White Primary Red/Blue Secondary
    Class/Profession: Swordsman
    Power Rating: Quinsar's: 3 (Lv 7) // Neon Knight's: C-

    Description: Daske is a Caucasian, human male, on the low end of average height and build, standing 5'8" and weighing 140lbs (though with a reputation of being tougher than men twice his size). In warmer weather he prefers to wear fashionable t-shirts and jeans, sometimes adorning himself with accessories such as bracelets or necklaces. In colder weather he takes on a dressy-but-messy approach, complimenting layers of formal shirts and jackets with old jeans, work boots, and tousled, unkempt hair. He is himself not terribly handsome, but certainly not ugly, leanly muscled, with a round but squared face, light stubble, and shaggy black hair that he prefers to leave in a tangle. His most striking features are his big, blue eyes with long, dark eyelashes, which women seem to find appealing.

    He's an old-fashioned sort, chivalrous, with an intellect near as keen as his rapier, and a calculating, if sentimental mind. He is good-natured and kind, but also passionate and unforgiving. He believes in personal freedom as a natural right, a cosmic law above all others, and seeks always to protect his own freedom as well as that of those around him. He prefers to let his heart make his plans, acting almost exclusively on his emotions, while his reactions are highly analytical, enjoying his ability to think quickly on his feet and solve problems in the heat of the moment. As such, he is handy in stressful situations for his ability to adapt tactics and maintain a cool head when things seem out of control.

    Equipment: He is never without a red bandanna tied somewhere on his person (only occasionally around his head) and his hand-made rapier, Coffin Nail, with its intricate swept-basket hilt and superbly dark Damascus steel blade. He is not possessed of any particular magical equipment, although his rapier has been fashioned with techniques that even his former blacksmith have been unable to replicate, granting it a near-indestructibility and peerlessly sharp edge. It is more than a match for your run of the mill steel blade, and despite its lack of bulk has cut cleanly through such inferior weapons when in rare form.

    Abilities: An exceptional swordsman, Daske is possessed of all the skill and instinct you'd expect from one of the best non-magical human duelists around. He is an accomplished swashbuckler and a good teacher as well. Beyond his fighting talent, he's very intelligent, a problem solver, and something of an artist, skilled with pen, paint, song, and forgecraft. Aside from any of this, he has developed a potentially psionic talent that allows him to detect the presence of unseen creatures in ways he doesn't clearly understand. This ability seems to be linked to the fragments of memory from his time lost in subspace. It is likely that there is more to these memories and this psychic potential. Daske has only recently noticed it and has so far tried to avoid delving into it too deeply as it makes him uncomfortable.

    Backstory: Daske has lived a hard, albeit extraordinarily normal life, by Nexus standards. As a child he was whisked from his home in a small-but-rather-cosmopolitan, pre-renaissance town on an Earth-like planet by a subspace rift. Conquering warlords from another dimension poured from the rift and their explosive technology sundered not only shield and stone but space and time as well.

    Pulled into the vacuum of space/time, Daske found himself lost. For years. He awoke, having grown from an 8yr old boy to a 13yr old one, amidst the Nexus, a random collection of subspace detritus, flotsam, and lost souls. He had no idea what had happened, where he was, or how he had grown older (for he was now possessed of memories beyond his former life which came in flashes and which he could not explain), but at least he was alive.

    He found work as a squire for an intrepid Knight in shining armor that was adventuring through the Nexus, and in his off-time he applied himself as an apprentice to an Inside blacksmith. As the years went on, Daske became a skilled warrior in his own right and began to look for adventuring work of his own. Soon, his skill with a blade, both in the field and in the forge, earned him a reputation and enough money to start a fencing studio outside the City Walls, but close enough, where he gave locals lessons in swordplay and also created swords here and there for special order.

    However, mere days ago his studio was destroyed by another space/time rift, though this time without the cosmic ruffians. This time, a dimensional vortex simply opened its terrible maw and swallowed most of the studio up along with almost a dozen students. Daske was able to save himself and only three others, but everything he'd worked on for years had been stripped of him by the very same chaotic forces that had brought him to the Nexus. He was devastated and resolved to try and discover what caused all of these rifts and hopefully a way to prevent them from happening or at least to better protect himself and others from the destruction they cause.





    Power Rating:





    I'm no optimizer, but here's an attempt at a Wizard built to handle all comers:

    Half-Elf Generalist Wizard

    Class Levels
    Wizard 5 (Substitutions - Elf Generalist 1/Fighter Feats Wizard 5) / Incantatrix 8 / Spelldancer 3 / Legacy Champion 4

    Vital Statistics (25pt buy)
    Str 8 Dex 11 Con 16 Int 16 Wis 10 Cha 8 (at 1st level)
    Str 13* Dex 16* Con 24* Int 32* Wis 15* Cha 13* (at 20th)

    *With Wishes

    AC 14 (Flat-footed 14, Touch 14), HP 202 (20HD, 13d4 + 3d6 + 4d8 + 140)
    Initiative +12 (Hummingbird Familiar, Nerveskitter), Speed 30ft (Slow -15ft, Legacy +15ft)
    Fort +18 Ref +16 Will +24*

    w/+5 item

    1 - Collegiate Wizard (Flaw)1
    1 - Aerenal Arcanist (Flaw)2
    1 - Iron Will
    1 - DodgeB
    3 - Extend Spell
    5 - Mobility
    6 - Combat Casting
    6 - Persistent SpellB
    9 - Least Legacy
    10 - Quicken SpellB
    12 - Endurance
    15 - Spell Mastery
    18 - Uncanny Forethought
    20 - Lesser LegacyB

    1 - Vulnerable (-1 penalty to armor class)
    2 - Slow (base land speed is halved)

    Class Features
    Wizard - Generalist Wizardry, Spellbook, Summon Familiar, Bonus Fighter Feats

    Incantatrix - School Specialization (Transmutation), Bonus Metamagic Feats, Send Away, See Ethereal, Strike Ethereal, Hardy Spirit, Instant Metamagic 2/day, Improved Metamagic

    Spelldancer - Spelldance 12 free rounds/day, Enthralling Dance, Evasion, Cooperative Spelldance

    Legacy Champion - +1 level to existing Incantatrix class features (Legacy Champion), +2 levels to existing Spelldancer class features (Legacy Champion), Reduced Legacy Cost (Lesser), Bond of Lore, Replace Legacy Ability (Least), Extra Legacy Ability Use (Least), and Bonus Legacy Feat.


    1st Level - Alarm, Magic Missile, Nerveskitter, Shock and Awe, Sleep, 12 spells

    2nd Level - Alter Self, Locate Object, Quick Potion, 9 spells

    3rd Level - Arcane Sight, Dispel Magic, Haste, Magic Circle, Sleet Storm, Stinking Cloud, 6 spells

    4th Level - Black Tentacles, Celerity, Dimension Door, Polymorph, Scrying, Vortex of Teeth, 6 spells

    5th Level - Contact Other Plane, Lesser Planar Binding, Permanency, Teleport, 8 spells

    6th Level - Contingency, Greater Dispel Magic, Planar Binding, 9 spells

    7th Level - Control Weather, Forcecage, Greater Teleport, Plane Shift, Reverse Gravity, 7 spells

    8th Level - Discern Location, Greater Planar Binding, 10 spells

    9th Level - Foresight, Gate, Mage's Disjunction, Shapechange, Time Stop, 7 spells

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