AJJ: I like these guys. They're kinda like if Mountain Goats were angry drunks instead of sad drunks. And in this metaphor they're really drunk. But they're commendably tight for a genre that's really forgiving on sloppiness.
I feel like if I saw The Dodos live I'd go home their biggest fan on earth. I'm not quite sure why I'm not as into them as I think I should be, because I love their lyrics, I love melodies, and I love the sounds they get. I'll download an album, see if it grows on me.
Essex Green... her voice really does not do it for me. I guess that's coloring my perception of the rest of the track, because I found a lot of elements that I'm normally fine with a little irritating. The rhodes part and the harmonies, especially.
...that synth pad, though, I will always find annoying, no matter what context it's being used in.
That Ghost Mice song is badass.

...and I will comment on the rest later! =O