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    Quote Originally Posted by Debihuman View Post
    I think Venom Immunity is too powerful at 9th level. Perhaps it should be limited to natural poisons but not magical ones. Otherwise it is exactly the same as Immunity to Poison.

    I pulled the ability directly from the Druid, level and all. Honestly, though, I don't think it matters too much... how often does poison come up in the average game, natural or otherwise?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dralnu
    Very good call with the Wildshape Feats and I like the other additions too. Now you get something fun and exciting every single level. The class is looking very tight and I'd say it's one of my favorite homebrews so far.

    Minor nitpicks:
    - Improved Grab seems a little powerful for that level
    - maybe Animalistic Resilience could show up earlier?
    - Wildshape still has the problem of your physical scores not mattering at all. I think Pathfinder fixed this. Understandably though, you could argue that being a really friggin' strong squirrel or whatever is a bit silly. Also, unlike the Druid, your natural form is very combat-ready as is and Wildshape is more limited so it's less likely that you'll make all your physical stats into dump stats

    I checked the entire class over two more times. Can't think of anything else to say other than it's really solid and thanks for making it!
    I'm glad you like the class. Thanks for all your praise

    -I see your point about Improved Grab, but I really can't think of a better place to put it without opening up dead levels. I feel like pounce and rend are stronger. And at that low a level... I don't know, I can't help but feel like he's not an outstanding grappler. He's only got a medium BAB, and his strength probably won't be as good as a dedicated warrior. In my group, grappling really only comes up when the party is trying to capture someone (in which case, clawing them is counterproductive) or to try and lock down a spellcaster, in which case the AoO is pretty minor.

    -I didn't want to put Animalistic Resilience too early-- the class is already pretty tough, what with the d12 HD, and I was afraid of giving it such a potent healing ability at a low level.

    -Short of switching to the shapeshifter variant from the PHB II (which would probably require a complete rebuild of the class), I don't think there's much to do with Wild Shape. You already summed up both sides pretty well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dryad
    I think it's a great class, but I'd personally stick to the PhB II shapeshifter variant. It's far easier to maintain, and doesn't trivialize your own physical ability scores like normal Wildshape does/was meant to do.
    I might eventually make a Shapeshifter variant, but-- in this case-- I think it would require more work than simply replacing wild shape. It's a considerably weaker variant, and, to a large extent, overlaps with the abilities the beastman gets for his base form.

    Update: I added some flavor text.
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