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    Grave Risen
    Created by the blood of a spellcaster being spilled over a buried a corpse, grave risen are CR 4 Undead with claws that deal blood poisoning and the ability to animate skeletons and zombies to aid them. For the most part, grave risen are actually pretty content to just chill out in their resting place, enjoying the, and I quote, "serenity of death that lingers in the air". Okaaaaay...

    Erm, anyway, the only time the grave risen get particularly ornery is when those pesky mortal lifeforms happen to bumble along and disturb their Undead Zen or whatever you'd call it. Oddly enough, in spite of their reverence for their own state of undeath, a living creature killed by the grave risen has its body mutilated and unceremoniously buried. Odd, that.

    Oh hey, another Fey! Yay! The grimstalker (known by others of its kind as the banaan) is specifically a CR 5 Fey that resemble claw-bearing elves made out of wood. They are feared and revered as expert assassins, their claws leaking with poison and their control of plants allowing them to control things such as scythe or hangman trees to do their bidding. They aren't particularly fond of people entering their woods, either, so pretty much the only individuals that aren't attacked by grimstalkers are evil Druids.

    A CR 3 worm-like Aberration with blood drain. Eh, it's kinda uninteresting as presented.
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