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    Note: I am what you might call a highly erratic homebrewer. Among the materials below you may well find material going from tier 6 to tier 1, ideas written after a 10 minute brainstorm, plans for future material that were never followed up upon (yet), and even huge projects that haven't quite reached completion (so far). Be careful while making generalizations about my work on these boards.

    Base Classes:

    • Master Alchemist: The first homebrew I posted here. Tier 4-5.
    • Warmage v2.0: a fix to the warmage to make them feel like a "war"mage instead of a "blaster"mage.
    • Blaster: An experiment to see if a spellcaster using only evocation could be made to look half decent. Judge the results for yourself.
    • The Regressor: A class who strives to become one with everything, assuming an almost primordial form.
    • The Fortune Seeker: An early attempt at making a luck based class. Requires careful management to play and has a few "fiat" abilities. I consider it a failure but it remains playable.
    • The Fortune-Blessed: A highly fixed and refined version of the above class. Skills can get a bit insane when multiclassing or gestalting with factotum.
    • The Faceless: Play as a malefic virus that infects others and uses them as puppets. Intended for villains but can work for players. Normal version and (more powerful) psionic version available.
    • Ashen Necromancer: A necromancer class capable of creating almost any undead from scratch and customizing them to an incredible degree.
    • Death Knight: Another necromancer that doubles as a front-line combatant. More of a general for an undead army than a faceless force behind the undead scourge.
    • Survivalist: For when you absolutely, positively want to keep your character alive.
    • Abolisher: An anti-mage class that actually functions against mages under normal circumstances.
    • Paragon: A "build-your-own-rage" class where you can freely exceed your normal bodily limits to do incredible things. Note that resource management is involved.
    • Nobody: A class that utterly perfects the art of stealth.
    • Blasphemous Preacher: Far realms madness in all of its various forms, condensed into a single class.
    • The Mimic Based on a class by Forever Curious, this class let's you imitate others in more ways than one. An earlier (and weaker) attempt at this fix can be found here.
    • Cursed: A terrible curse is upon you, bringing harm to yourself and those around you. Fortunately, you can aim this curse at those who would bring you harm.
    • Fleshcrafter: A class that can form whatever it needs from its own flesh and blood. Tier 4-5.
    • Psychic Armsmaster: A soulknife fix that provides a good many options as well as equipment that others won't be able to match with WBL. A (weaker) initial form of this class can be found here.
    • The Ascendant: An odd mix between the monk and vow of poverty that makes for an individual who relies on nothing but their own bodies.
    • The "Gambit" Fighter: A fighter fix that allows fighters to hit, gives them more customizablility, and re-introduces called shots.
    • A Lean, Mean, and Effective Fighter Fix: A fighter fix aiming at maximum versatility instead of raw power.
    • The Fighter: Simplistic and Streamlined: My third fighter fix, aiming at maximum accessibility for newcomers and some degree of freedom from magic item dependency.
    • Fighter Fix That Broke Me: A fighter that has taken his toys and gone home, fighting so well that nobody else will even get the chance to fight. Warning: contains insanity.
    • The Illuminator: Not much to say here. A light-based utility class with some minor healing/damaging potential and sensory enhancement.
    • The Assassin: Far from an adaptation of the prestige class, this is a completely mundane assassin that encourages coup de graces, sneak attacks, ambushes, poison use, and all of that other assassiny goodness.
    • The Trickster: A fey-based class that lives in the court of faerie by night and uses more mystical powers by day.
    • The Protean: The result of a mind experiment to see if a tier 1 class that gains no spellcasting was possible. I think that I may have succeeded. Be afraid.
    • The Skinwalker: A remake of another class by the same name created by Kellus. Wear the skins of your opponents and take over their identities.
    • The Field Medic: A pretty simple mundane healer class.
    • The Spellthief: Based on another spellthief fix by Jarian, this one turns the spellthief into a blue mage of sorts and replaces sneak attack with a magic-stealing force.
    • The Charlatan: A mundane mastermind and silver-tongue capable of manipulating those around him/her. A decent replacement for a bard in a low-/no-magic setting.
    • The Runic Demolisher: To put it in 5 words, explosive runes... in class form. A more strategic blaster/trapper class.
    • Deus Ex Machina: A joke class to explain the stats behind those all-powerful entities.
    • A Monk Fix: An attempt to make a powerful monk who actually has options in play.
    • The Traveller: A mundane support class meant to seem prepared for whatever comes your way.
    • The Mage: A truly balanced mage class for low magic or low-tier games.
    • The Mystic: A compartmentalized caster who doesn't steal the job of the fighter or rogue.
    • The Companion: A teamwork-based class that encourages actual teamwork instead of just handing out numerical bonuses.
    • The Machiavellian: A class to transform those NPCs around you into the cogs of a social Rube Goldberg machine.
    • Psychic Assailant: A little pseudo-psionic class to let you break into the heads of others and smash whatever you find there.
    • The Noble: A standard noble class. Time to get fancy.
    • The Mageslayer: A mundane warrior who has found mundane means by which most any spell can be countered. Warning: may suspend disbelief a bit.
    • The Voidbound: A new pact-binding class, binding small portions of a larger assortment of vestiges without rest.
    • The Champion: My take on a paladin fix, compatible with those of any alignment.
    • The Corpsebound Necromancer: A manageable necromancer class who doesn't need spell lists or tons of minion stat blocks.

    Prestige Classes:
    • Necrotic Master: A horrific necromancer who utilizes necrotic cysts. Intended as a flavorful mid-level BBEG.
    • The Forgotten: A PrC for skulks who want to increase their stealthiness.
    • The Dark Saint: Not all evil appears as such. Not all evil is intended as such.
    • Chirugeon: A mad doctor obsessed with applying grafts to targets in pursuit of physical perfection.
    • Pyromaniac: A fire-based caster who would like nothing more than to watch the world burn around him/her.
    • True Theurge: Inspired by the efforts of Flabort, I set about trying to create a prestige class that grants 7/5 spellcasting progression without totally breaking the game.
    • Paragon of Beard: There are dwarves and then there are DWARVES!

    • 40+ skill tricks: Because complete scoundrel didn’t give us enough, here is another group of tricks for everyone.
    • Craft (Cooking): A small set of rules for cooking. A bit silly.

    • 66 vile feats: More options for all of you villains out there.
    • Spellproof: For when those orb spells keep ruining your day.
    • Anti-PC Feats: For when you want your monsters to last more than 1 round against a moderately optimized group.
    • Luck feats: You feeling lucky, punk?

    • 30 Cantrips: For those who find “small magic” to be interesting.

    • New Warforged Components: Some pretty basic components that no eberron sourcebook came up with for some reason.
    • 60 Alchemic Items: A big dose of alchemic items. Currently lacking individual craft DCs, though they’ll hopefully be added in the near future.

    • Elder Cyst: and you thought that skulking cysts were bad.
    • Bloody Maw: another undead to provoke less than welcoming mental imagery.
    • Tall Men: the ultimate act of revenge that any necromancer could hope to take on another.
    • The Horror: The most horrific monster that I have ever created. Use with care.
    • Necropoli: The spirit of a dead town, using the corpses of those who remain to defend itself and add to its supplies.
    • Gloomborn Template: Though they may be murderers, the glooms don’t always murder their victims.
    • Otherwhere Jelly: An invisible ooze that pulls you deep into extradimensional space.
    • The Huntsman: A relentless hunter in the wilderness, never giving its quarry a break.
    • The Aboleth: A remake of the aboleth designed to make it a more dynamic and interesting opponent.
    • Dread Spider Swarm: A spider swarm I designed to be as conceptually horrifying as possible.

    • Descent of Shadows: A huge compendium regarding everything shadow-related. An attempt to increase the playability of shadow magic. Includes new classes, a new race, many new feats and alternate class features, new spells, new creatures, new prestige classes, new diseases and poisons, new magic items, and so on. Not quite completed but I’m pretty happy with where I left it.
    • Xenotheurgy: Magic from the far realms. Still incomplete and the more that I look at it, the more that I see needs to be fixed with it. I’ll take a long look and overhaul the system sometime in the future. Also includes monsters to populate the far realms with.
    • Librim Eternia: A set of 50 high-power epic PrCs, including rewrites of the ELH options.

    New Mechanics:
    • Combat Techniques: A simple way to add more variety in combat mechanics to players and monsters alike.
    • A quick “destiny” mechanic for D&D: A way to give players a stake in the world and fulfill most other literary functions that destinies are often used for.
    • Wound Multiplier: An addition to the hit point system that allows for smaller wounds to build up and that weakens wounded creatures.
    • Spell Points: A variant for balanced spellcasting in casual, low-op games.
    • PrCs as Rewards: A system by which players earn positions (and powers) of prestige instead of simply falling into them.
    • Maximum and Minimum Values: A sadly ignored attempt at fixing one of the biggest mechanical problems that the game creates at high epic levels.
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