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    Quote Originally Posted by Dryad
    I think it's a great class, but I'd personally stick to the PhB II shapeshifter variant. It's far easier to maintain, and doesn't trivialize your own physical ability scores like normal Wildshape does/was meant to do.
    But because I love you all-- and was very bored-- I went ahead and attempted a version of the class using Shapeshift. It's in a spoiler box in the first post, but I'll list the important changes here.
    • No claws/fangs/talons. Shapeshift is usable at will. No need for back-up melee weapons.
    • Improved Grab, Pounce and Rend are usable in all forms, rather than just the base form (now clarified in the original class text). Wild Shape gives you the ability when it fits the form, and it wouldn't make sense to have a squirrel with rend. But now that the 'forms' are really just stat modifications...
    • Animalistic Might is now the at-will capstone ability. Shapeshift as written ends at 18th level, and I couldn't think of any kind of new, more powerful form.

    Oh, and I also dumped Claw Sheathes and re-worked the Shifting enchantment to be a bit simpler.
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