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This is written where? Because it's certainly not in the feat's description. What is, is entirely consistent with what I have said - as long as you know the general kind of creature, regardless of the particular species, you know the basics of how to hurt it better. If you choose to fluff it in a way that makes no sense, be my guest, but don't blame the feat for it.
The whole part where you only roll once per encounter per type. The feat doesn't care about individual monsters, only what type they are. This is poor design.

So...a devotee of the concept of knowledge, who has surpassed the best and brightest of regular humans four levels ago, knowing how to hurt things is boring and does not make sense?
That's not what I said, at all. If you want to argue against a straw man, feel free. Monsters get tougher, and more obscure as you level. The fact that Knowledge Devotion does not take this into account is poor design.