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    What is the difference, in terms of how to damage them, between a 2-HD and 20-HD Skeleton? A 5-HD and a 10-HD animal? A 15HD and a 50HD dragon? They all work the same. Having to make higher checks to get the same benefits, so that at 20th level you have invested one of your seven feats and something like a hundred skill points to get the same +1 to attack and damage you were getting 20 levels ago? That would be poor design.
    Please, you can't be serious. The 20th level character of which you speak finds it trivial to hit +4 and +5 to-hit and damage against all enemies in the game, even with my house rule in effect. However, he can't do it at level 9, which is trivially easy if the RAW is played.

    Monsters get tougher, yes - but more famous, too. Legends are written about many of them, including legends of Brave Sir Stabsalot, who is said to have killed many a [blank] by [blanking] them in the [blank] with a big [blank].
    Not really a relevant point.
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