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You seriously believe that +5 to hit and damage is an effect that's worth waiting 20 levels for? Dear lord, you must think Weapon Specialization is an incredible feat.
How is arguing against that Straw Man going for you? Good? I hope so.

Since you already missed where I explained that Weapon Specialization is not even a feat in my games, I'll just mention it again. Weapon Specialization is given out for free.

Intentionally ignoring what is good and what is bad game design doesn't make your arguments stronger. It in fact makes them weaker, and I can't even figure out what your argument is in the first place (if it's that Knowledge Devotion is good by RAW, then you are objectively wrong).

When you want to actually attempt to address what I am saying, I'll be all ears. Until then, au revoir.

Relevant fluff-wise, which is half of what you're complaining about.
No, it is literally zero percent of what I have said. Everything has addressed game mechanics and what is good and what is bad design. If you don't care what is good design and what is bad design don't assume everybody else is in the same boat.