Re: The PrC Flavor/Mechanics Discussion

I'm kind of in the middle of the whole thing. I think PrCs are a really useful tool for fitting either function, really. They're the best venue, IMO, for highly specialized flavor, as well as really unique mechanics that may not have the ubiquity to base a 20 level class on.

My general PrC design philosophy is to make classes that have their own unique flavor, but don't necessarily "rely" on it. I want to make it mechanically interesting and "set-apart" enough that the mechanics could show up on a variety of character types. I think the Ikaruga is actually a pretty decent example of this. A mechanical idea I really wanted to flesh out, attached to some light flavor that isn't entirely necessary for the class's function.

That's not to say I'm against flavor-heavy PrCs. The list Djinn quoted are some of my favorites from this contest's history (my own notwithstanding) and the voters really respond well to the excellent flavor they have. So... yeah. Call me Even Steven.