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    Karyana cas Timoliir kynet Loarna

    Alias: None, really, though Dani apparently calls her Kary.
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human Vampire
    Age: 28 (Turned at 26, so when she's in her normal form she looks two years younger than she really is. However, her apparent age can be whatever she wants. See Abilities.)
    Alignment: Neutral-ish. Mostly good, but she tends to be really, really, nasty if someone threatens her girlfriends.
    Class/Profession: Blood Mage.
    Power Rating:
    Description: Highly variable. She tends to be short, with yellow-orange, or pale purple, eyes, but everything else is subject to change.
    Personality: Karyana tends to be quite nice... Until she ends up doing something like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by C'nor View Post
    [Lake of Dreams]

    Karyana pretty much tries to rip the next two or three she kills apart, tearing out throats, shattering ribcages, etc..

    Those after them, if there are any left, won't be as lucky. They'll probably end up dying from infections, as she's trying to crush arms, shatter knees and elbows, and splinter legs.
    That's rare, though.

    Equipment: Hooded cloak (dark green), grey shirt with slits in the back for when she has wings, grey jeans.

    No weapons most of the time. Combat forms seem to work just fine for her.

    Abilities: She's a blood mage, of the same type as Rael. Basically, shapeshifting, healing, clotting or boiling blood, etc.

    She has the fairly standard vampire weaknesses of dying if you remove her head or destroy her heart. Of course, she has several hearts, so the latter isn't very easy, but it will work, and Nephrim has come very close at the moment.

    She has her own dimension, which is imprinted on her.

    Backstory: She actually does have a fairly detailed backstory, but it's buried in an old Home somewhere and I'm too lazy to dig it up and post it right now.

    Miscellaneous: Karyana is in a relationship with Ashley and Zwei. Also, her dimension has imprinted on both of them, as well.
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