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    Default Re: The Stylin' Monk [3.5 Base Class, Fix, PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Morph Bark View Post
    Be very very careful with granting DR/-. DR 10/- is huge, even at level 20. Making it DR/chaotic or DR/adamantine would be just as fitting as DR/magic with the official monk, but stronger.
    I find DR to be kind of overvalued by quite a bit. I didn't want to do DR/magic, given that it kind of sucks at anything past the first few levels, and I didn't want to do DR/chaotic after switching it to any non-chaotic. DR/adamantine does make sense, though, and I think I like that better than straight DR/-. I'll change that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maraxus1 View Post
    If you are giving him 2d12 unarmed damage, why do you bother to talk about his melee weapons anyway? Seriously, what is it with monk-fixes ans those huge unarmed damages anyway?
    I thought about scaling it back down a bit after I scaled it up, but I decided to just leave it and get some commentary. I'll scale it back a bit.

    The weapons thing was literally copied straight out of the SRD.

    And: The final flurry of blows base attack is ...

    That really needs to change, because in basic play, such low attacks are quite worthless, while a min-maxer will definitely find his ways to abuse such a high number of attacks to do horrible, horrible things.
    Yeah, I'm not satisfied with the Flurry of Blows. I'll play around with it some and try to find something I like.

    AC: A defensive monk build could already tank most monsters' attacks out of the MM on his level short of dragons. I really don't see a need to up the level dependant bonus to AC again. The "limited bonus while wearing armor" however, I like that.
    I'm not sure about "half wis bonus" for a level 1 dip, however, so you might want to add "armored monking" to level 3 or something. Definitly allows some more interesting multiclassing, or even the first character in the history of the game, who uses a feat to buy light armor proficiency.
    ... *check* hm, or mithral chain shirt without armor proficiency, given enough dex to fill it.
    The Monk's AC kind of sucks, actually. A 10th level original flavor Monk with a Dex and Wis of 16 (which is generous given that a Monk needs two other ability scores and wants one more) has an AC of 18. Add in another 2 points for items. AC 20 isn't that good at 10th level. Looking at the standard attacks of a few random CR 10 monsters from the SRD, the Couatl has an attack of +12, the Formian Myrmarch has an attack of +15, the Guardian Naga has an attack of +12, and the Rakshasa has an attack of +8. All of those but the Rakshasa are hitting the Monk more than half the time.

    This Monk with the same scores/items would have an AC of 23, which isn't great, but is a little better.

    I quite like the idea of the armored monking class feature, though. I'll add that.

    Wholeness of Body: As a swift action, this is really only a cosmetic difference from simply having lots of hit points. Lots of hit points however are the barbarian's portfolio and I for one don't like the monk stepping on his toes there, so make it a standard action again, please.
    True. I'll change that back. Also thinking about reducing the pool a bit. I wanted to change it from the fairly crappy "2*class level", but I don't know if it's too much now.

    Diamond Soul: This is once again a "fix" for which your group hates you.
    "So, your 13th level Monk has a spell resistance of 31?" the DM asks. "Well, looks like I have to pull out a level 21 caster then. Timestop, epic buffs, delayed metamagiced fireball, you're all dead except the monk who is only half dead."
    Whoops. I don't think I though that particular part out very clearly. I'll scale that back .
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