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    Default Re: Darths And Droids 2: Should've Gone to Naboo

    Quote Originally Posted by MammonAzrael View Post
    Completely agree, except that I think you're being a little unfair to Anakin. Luke wasn't exposed to years of Palpatine's manipulations before being presented with the offer of joining the Dark Side. Nor did Palpatine have a particularly sweet chip to offer ("kill your corrupted daddy and be my new second in command!" doesn't compare favorably to "Save the woman you love whole-heartedly from a death you foresee on an almost nightly basis!") I don't think that Luke was really a better person than his father - he just didn't have as much seriously messed up things happen to him.
    Oh I agree, I wasn't bringing "being a better person" into it. I just meant that Luke was a more capable warrior and had more potential in the Force than Anakin did at that particular point in time at the end of Return of the Jedi, and that's why Palpatine wanted him. Vader = old and busted, Luke = new hotness.

    Frankly, I think Palpatine vastly overestimated his own skills at temptation and got lazy with Luke, compared to his intricate plots to recruit Anakin and (presumably) Dooku. Luke was more correct about overconfidence being Palpatine's weakness than he could have known.

    Quote Originally Posted by MammonAzrael View Post
    EDIT: Unless you're specifically referring to their commands of the Force and such in which case, in light of Vader's handicaps, I also completely agree with.
    Yeah that.
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