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Oh I agree, I wasn't bringing "being a better person" into it. I just meant that Luke was a more capable warrior and had more potential in the Force than Anakin did at that particular point in time at the end of Return of the Jedi, and that's why Palpatine wanted him. Vader = old and busted, Luke = new hotness.

Frankly, I think Palpatine vastly overestimated his own skills at temptation and got lazy with Luke, compared to his intricate plots to recruit Anakin and (presumably) Dooku. Luke was more correct about overconfidence being Palpatine's weakness than he could have known.

Yeah that.
Even then he came close to losing. He tempted anakin in to joining him, luke he tried to enrage. He wanted luke to lose himself to hate, not to pledge undying loyalty to palpy. At least, not at the start. Thats why the confrontation took place while giving luke a window seat to watching everyone he cared about face death against the fully operational death star. He wanted luke to feel despair, hate, rage, then he could twist luke from there into being an apprentice. It was definitely more heavy handed than his campaign to lure anakin, but then, palpatine had to be REALLY subtle to avoid drawing attention from the entire jedi order at that point.