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    "What is flowing through your veins, it is not mere blood, my son. It is life! Your life eternal. May you defend it forever, to serve your race and enrich the earth with your countless footsteps."
    - Basque Ehr, Trueblooded

    Type: Medium/Large Humanoid (chosen at character creation)

    {table]Adulthood | Simple | Moderate | Complex
    16 | +1d4 | +1d6 | +1d8[/table]
    {table]Middle Age | Old | Venerable | Maximum Age
    100 | 150 | 200 | no[/table]

    Trueblooded stop aging in appearance after attaining middle age. Due to this, their stats change differently from other races. At every age category, Constitution increases by 1 instead of decreasing, and Charisma never changes (dex and str still decrease, int and wis still increase). Additionally, they do not have a maximum age, so after becoming Venerable they keep on living forever.

    Height/Weight: Trueblooded are about 7'-7'5" tall on average, so members of their race that are treated as Large creatures are not unheard of. They are 20% slimmer than a Human of the same height.

    Languages: Common
    Bonus Languages: Any non-secret
    Hit Dice: D12
    Initiative: +0
    Speed: 30 ft base land speed

    We've all seen cliche vampires, undead dudes driven by negative energy, living an eternal unlife of evil and decadence. Some are so messed up their skin even started to sparkle. Trueblooded are not like that.

    They are a race of humanoids whose veins contain the very essence of positive energy. Their blood, regarded as the Elixir of youth, prompted greedy tyrants to hunt them down and suck them dry, to preserve the life of themselves and other desperate nobles. And it really works. Even nowadays, there is nothing to disprove that several cruel rulers held Trueblooded captive in their prisons, making use of their blood every now and then. Due to this, most Trueblooded either hide or live in free countries with strong guards and patrols to cover their backs. Due to this way of living, there is no real "culture" attached to the race, whose nature is to blend in with the customs, style and fashion of others.

    Names: Though Trueblooded have no real culture, they do regulate their breeding to a certain extent. A Trueblooded is a perfect and frail creation of nature genetic-wise, so its traits are never dominant. Due to this, if a Trueblooded breeds with another race, the resulted child will not be a hybrid, but a full member of the other race, missing any notable Trueblooded characteristics. There are few Trueblooded family names as a result, the most prominent and widely spread being Ehr, Froders, Asust and Quatti (it is likewise customary for Trueblooded that do choose to breed and live their lives with a non-Trueblooded, for whatever reason, to give up their names).

    Appearance: Trueblooded are not much different from very tall humans, aside from some distinguishing features. Firstly, they all have red eyes, which they can make to glow at will. Secondly, their skin is rather pale, giving them a deathly look. This is necessary so they can absorb and use as much sunlight as possible for the photochemical processes in their skin. To complete the similarity with vampires, they have very sharp (though not sticking out) teeth and their canines are longer than normal, which is also a normal evolutionary tool they acquired to ease their frantic metabolism.

    Racial Features:

    +6 Constitution, -2 Charisma
    Trueblooded have incredible vigor due to their miraculous blood, but take a hit to charisma for their off-putting appearance.

    Scarlet Vision (EX): The Trueblooded can make his eyes glow with red light as a swift action, dimly illuminating everything in a 10 foot cone in front of him. While in this state, the Trueblooded has Darkvision out to 60 feet in front of him, and cannot gain any type of Concealment against non-blind opponents. Closing this racial ability requires a swift action.

    Gift of Blood: Whenever a Trueblooded gains a level in a class, he rolls a dice that is 1 step better than the class hit die (d4 to d6, d6 to d8, d8 to d10, d10 to d12, d12 remains unchanged).

    Frantic Appetite: The Trueblooded must eat much more than normal humanoids to keep himself healthy. Treat his requirement of food and water as if he was 2 size categories larger. If a Trueblooded gains a class feature that permits him to no longer require sustenance (like capstones that turn you into an outsider), he (reatroactively) loses all his racial bonuses (including the +6 to Con, but excluding the -2 to Cha).

    Sublime (Su): The true nature of a Trueblooded is that of a pure being of light and vitality. Whenever someone looks at them while using True Seeing, they are stunned for 1 round and then blinded for a number of rounds equal to the difference in HD, 1 minimum.

    Essence of Life (Su): Although it's a bit unintuitive, because Trueblooded are beings infused with positive energy, they actually cancel out negative energy that would affect them, but an imbalance of positive energy can bring them much harm. Therefore, they are immune to Negative energy but vulnerable to Positive energy, another thing which made people over the years mistake them for vampires.

    Scarlet Restoration: The open wounds of Trueblooded, just like their blood, glow with a dim yet easily noticeable shade of dark red. The positive energy in their body, by seeping out, reinvigorates and heals their wounds. A Trueblooded keeps track of Slashing and Piercing damage separately from other types of lethal damage, and has Fast Healing 2 against these types of damage only. Additionally, a dying Trueblooded is always stable.

    Wailing Blood (EX): The Trueblooded put great value in their own lives and go to great lengths to ensure their own survival. Any Trueblooded below 1/4 his max hit points, rounded up, instantly becomes conscious if he wasn't and gains the ability to communicate telepathically with all intelligent creatures up to 1 mile away from him. Those he contacts cannot answer him back, but become aware of his current location. However, this is not a compulsion, and they may come and help him only if they want to.

    Channel Energy (Su): When touching an opponent, a Trueblooded can infuse him with his own Positive Energy, in large, harmful quantities. A touch attack is required for this to succeed, and the target takes energy damage equal to xd4, where x is the Trueblooded's HD. If used on an undead, apply xd6 instead. Then, the target becomes immune to this ability for 24 hours, and the Trueblooded becomes fatigued for a number of rounds equal to the number of times he used Channel Energy that day. While fatigued or exhausted, a Trueblooded may not use Channel Energy.

    Religion: None. Trueblooded find no reason to turn away from the power they have within and towards a deity.
    Favored Class: the class in which they have the most levels, like Humans do

    Level Adjustment: +1