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    Quote Originally Posted by silver spectre View Post
    This is definately an interesting idea. What prompted it?
    Well I hate vampires. So making an anti-vampire was the logical conclusion. Point is, vampires are (this is RW mythological, not D&D material, but still) out there drinking the blood of others because, being dead, their own is rotten and they have to refresh it. So an anti-vampire would have SUPERblood, which NORMAL people would want to drink :D.

    Also with the reproduction. It is common knowledge that if a vampire bites someone, he's vampirified. As a nice anti-vampire, our Trueblooded friend can't even pass on his genes through a non-Trueblooded.

    Is this a pathfinder thing?
    I am only familiar with HD being from class or race and I see no mention of racial HD.
    It is racial HD. Thought it was evident.

    I'd love to know how that works.
    1/10 liter of Trueblooded blood stops your aging for a month. It can't make you become younger, however.

    Interesting take on this. Put's a fair sized cramp on stealthy types.
    Not really. You're not forced to keep it on.

    I'm always curious about arbitrary dice cut offs. It seems like it would be simpler to just give a bonus hitpoint (the average increase with a dice size increase) per level and it would avoid the need for a seemingly arbitrary cap.
    Wait, so instead of having d6 instead of d4 a Warlock should have d4+1 hit points per level? Maybe I misunderstood what you said.

    If a group ignores food requirements then this isn't really a drawback at all.
    That is not really my problem. Foreseeing what homebrewing rules a group may use to work around them is not only a messy task, but also not really the point. If a group uses the AC as damage reduction alternate mechanic does that mean that a level 12 class feature that doubles all DR from nonmagical sources is broken? No, it means it is broken if used by that group. If a group doesn't take difficult terrain as a penalty to movement, does that mean that a level 1 class feature that lets you ignore difficult terrain is useless? Of course not! AND if a group plays without multiclassing penalties, do Humans instantly become weaker? Again, no.

    I just assume my races/classes will be used with the formal, base 3.5 mechanics. If I wouldn't assume that, I would use my own homebrewed rules, not others' anyway.

    Maybe a special material food requirement instead like an ounce of silver (a pure element) per day instead?
    I fail to see how that fits in flavor.

    So they have no favored class, but they have a racial feature that completely destroys the worth of some class features.
    Yup. It's not that Trueblooded can play ALL classes well, it is that there is no single class that really represents them.

    How does it work with magic that removes or alters sustenance needs?
    If it is permanent, they lose racial benefits. If not, no.

    This I really like, and it is a major drawback with magic healing.
    How does it work with other positive energy effects (turning undead, hallowed areas, etc...)?
    If an ability SPECIFICALLY works only on undead, Trueblooded are immune to it. If an ability works on everyone, but is stronger on undead, then Trueblooded are affected as if they are undead.

    More tracking to do. Why not a some form of damage reduction (maybe 2/bludgeoning) instead?
    Because that is much, MUCH weaker than what I gave them. It's basically "if you take damage from a non-bludgeoning source you heal 2 hit points" as opposed to "if you take damage from a non-bludgeoning source you heal 2 hit points per round until there is nothing left to heal".

    And it's pretty easy to track. Say you have 100 hit points, and you took 36 damage from a rapier and 22 damage from a mace. You have 42 hit points, and you also have Fast Healing 2 for 36/2 rounds.

    I've seen much more complicated systems and abilities than that.

    I like this, but it is definately a two edged. Some of those other creatures might like having an easy target. I like this, but
    Again, nobody forces you to use it. If a Wizard disguises himself and goes to a crowning, he does have the choice to Baleful Polimorph the new monarch. Even if then his hundreds of soldiers will slaughter him, he still has that choice.

    I would never use this, but given that this is a positive energy effect, shouldn't it have greater efect on undead.
    I wonder why you'd never use it. Damage too low? Fatigue too high? Either way, you're right, I'll change it so that it does more damage to undead.