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    It is racial HD. Thought it was evident.
    So they have one racial HD?

    Not really. You're not forced to keep it on.
    No doubt of that, but sneaking around in the dark is harder when you can't see. It was just a thought. I like the fact that a tactical choice is required.

    Wait, so instead of having d6 instead of d4 a Warlock should have d4+1 hit points per level? Maybe I misunderstood what you said.
    Any time you go up one hid dice, the average increase is only going to be one point.
    The average roll of a d4 = 2.5
    The average roll of a d6 = 3.5
    The average roll of a d8 = 4.5
    The average roll of a d10 = 5.5
    The average roll of a d12 = 6.5
    A net increase on average of one point at each die size increase from d4-d12.

    I just assume my races/classes will be used with the formal, base 3.5 mechanics. If I wouldn't assume that, I would use my own homebrewed rules, not others' anyway.
    Makes sense.

    If it is permanent, they lose racial benefits. If not, no.
    Then I'm guessing that a template addition would do the same

    I've seen much more complicated systems and abilities than that.
    No doubt. I'm just used to DMing for guys that have math as an 8th language. I usually end up being the group calculator.

    Again, nobody forces you to use it. If a Wizard disguises himself and goes to a crowning, he does have the choice to Baleful Polimorph the new monarch. Even if then his hundreds of soldiers will slaughter him, he still has that choice.
    Belive me, I like ability. Abilities that can have "unforeseen" consequences are fun for mixing things up.
    It could also be a great way to get an adventuring party started.

    I wonder why you'd never use it. Damage too low? Fatigue too high?
    Just personal experience. Anytime I've ever played a PC (in multiple groups over the years) with an ability that enduces fatigue, I've ended up getting hammered after actually using it.
    Mechanically it makes sense as he is giving up his personal energy to accomplish the effect.
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