Banclaw Dunigoth

Alias: Banclaw
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Grengarun
Age: Middle aged, several hundred.
Alignment: Something good.
Class/Profession: Mechanic/bouncer
Power Rating: C+
Description: A ten-foot-tall olive green crustacean-like creature, often seen in blue overalls. Not commonly missing limbs, he usually has two arms and two legs.

Grengaruns are large crustacean-like humanoids, and are some of the longest-lived and strongest beings known. No grengarun is on record having died of natural causes; they must be killed by some means. A typical adult grengarun stands about ten feet tall, but they continue to grow larger as they age. Grengaruns can regenerate most damage, and will re-grow lost limbs. A grengarun’s brain is located in its torso, so a head shot would only serve to blind and disable one’s voice box. Grengaruns also have a lamprey-like mouth in their neck, permitting them to eat even after the head is taken off. They have exoskeletons, providing natural armor. This armor is especially thick on the main body, so that armor-piercing rounds are often necessary to do any real harm. Grengaruns can also roll up into a ball, or worm along the ground if all their limbs are disabled. Grengaruns have a feudal system, based off of “honor and the knowledge that your peons could rip your limbs off.” They often have a sense of honor, remembering those who have helped or hurt one in the past. Some will fly into berserker rages, sacrificing care and subtly for sheer destruction and an aura of terror.

Personality: Not the surest with relationships, he prefers to work with machines and other things he can fix himself if he breaks them. Although he is shy, he does his best to help those around him. He also does not hesitate to strongly protect his interests and those around him.
Equipment: A number of tools and devices to let him repair and maintain electronics, despite his large size and claws.
Abilities: The main maintenance behind the Neon Coliseum, he works to keep the place and its games up and running. He spends a lot of time tweaking and fixing anything that goes wrong in the place, working to keep the games open. He also uses his size and armor to throw out (Literally, pick up and throw) any troublemakers. He likes playing catch with the Mall Kops.
Backstory: Later.
Miscellaneous: Co-owner of the Neon Coliseum with Grace.