The Town of Bridle Shores

Far to the west of Canterlot, further still even from Ponyville, a quiet little town is quickly springing up near a large lake.

This is Bridle Shores, situated along a large lake with a natural beach. Not far from town is Mt. Trotia, with a waterfall that feeds into the lake. The town is surrounded by a lush forest which the ponies of the town both use and nurture with delicate balance, there are some ponies that call the forest home as well.

A small business district has started to grow, with a Bakery, Dress shop, Grill, Greenhouse, Dojo, Saw mill, Snow Cone Stand, Dance Academy, and even a Soda Bar popping up for the citizens of the town. They are also experimenting with new technology such as Floppy Disk’s computer shack or the Doctor's friendship harnessing lab. In addition, there's a Farm and a Wizard's Tower on the outskirts of the town.

Much of the forest is quiet and peaceful, but deeper within the forest lurks creatures far more dangerous…

Locations Covered in this Thread

Character homes, Civic Center(Run by Sweet Dream, volunteers welcome), Nightclub(Run by Purple Pepper), Knack's Farm(Run by Knack, with some hired hooves), Streets, The Legs' Junk Shop(Run by Orange and Blue Legs), Fox Trot's Dance Studio(Run by Foxtrot), and scenes in places that are not Bridle Shores.