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Fox Trot

At the moment oblivious to a lot of stuff, still 'singing', doors to the studio not locked.
He would hear a knock on the door. For giggles sake, rain decided to finally show itself just as Icy was leaving the Civic Centre, leaving her wet and bedraggled as she finally reached the studio doors.

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After lots of making out and lip wrestling the xanadu filly pushed away the black screen indicating it was mostly safe again to be seen again. "Mmm, who knew that corruption would make you better at making out my dear Silverpine," She purred laying on him. Her mane was messy, fur a little damp from a little sweat, of course.
Sliverpine lay still on the pillow, breathing heavily. Of course his mane was in a similar state and his fur was damp as well. "I... I think I might just enjoy being corrupted for once..." he replied, grinning. He laid a hoof on hers as he spoke.