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    Fox Trot paused in his actions as his ears twitched picking up a slightly faint sound over the music. He turned it off hearing that it sounded like heavy knocking, like of somepony wanting to be inside now. He trotted over to the entrance as his eyes went wide seeing the soaked Icy behind the glass double doors. He quickly opened the door gesturing for her to come inside.

    "Icy! Please come inside....I'll get you a towel...you know it wasn't locked right?"
    He scampered off before returning with a towel.
    "Ack... I didn't..." Icy said, dripping wet as he gingerly trotted in, trying not to get too much water inside. She shivered as the now-cold filly waited for Fox to return.

    She gratefully took the proferred towel and dried herself the best she could. "Sorry... I almost forgot about our appointment."

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    Gearstride warmly smiled as he touched her hoof. At the moment she had shallow breathing as she she laid there on him, enjoying this simple closeness. "Mmmm, Silverpine.....assimilation complete."
    Sliverpine just smiled at her response, nuzzling her neck as she lay on him.
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